How Distributed Teams Help Your Software Project Timeline

January 29, 2022

With each passing year, the popularity of a distributed development model expands, and so does the number of businesses that support remote development teams. According to recent studies, remote work may overtake in-office hires by 2025.

However, are we clued in to why remote teams are becoming the norm?

Many businesses have adopted distributed teams because they offer benefits such as a more reliable, cost-effective, and efficient approach to managing a larger pool of talent (or a niche one) from across the world.

Well, if you too want to learn how to manage and scale software development remote teams, you can pick certain aspects about distributed teams from this blog.


What do Distributed Teams Look Like?

The term "distributed team" refers to individuals who work from different places. This could entail individuals working from home from anywhere in the world or working in an office with no other team members nearby.

That could mean that your coder is working in a hammock in South East Asia while your QA and Project Manager plugin from Boston, or London.


‘Distributed’ is the key.

Remote workers scattered across the globe. Although Distributed is a tad bit different from Remote teams.

Generally, remote workers are more satisfied with their jobs according to distributed team statistics and are viable to stay with a company that offers remote work alternatives or flexible work hours. As a result, distributed teams have a greater rate of retention. And thus a preference for businesses and employees alike.

Team members work as a cohesive unit despite not having a proximal experience with each other. Although distributed teams are frequently used to establish flexible work, this does not always imply that team members will benefit from work flexibility.




The Benefits of Distributed Teams in Software Projects

To help their remote team members function efficiently, managers and enterprises can use best practices and approaches. Here's how a distributed team approach might benefit a company.


Access to a Vetted Talent Pool

According to studies, by 2021, the technical market in the United States would be severely short of engineers. Recruiting talent will become an even more challenging and costly task for organizations that refuse to go remote, giving distributed development teams even more advantages.

You don't have to look for local talent while working with distributed development teams. By obtaining access to a limitless pool of technical experts worldwide, businesses can pick the developers they need.

As referenced in the example above, your coder, project manager, QA, and other indispensable members can work from anywhere and be from anywhere. Provided you have a grip on collaboration and coordination.

You can diversify your workforce by bringing in talent from other countries, which can assist you in adopting and implementing new innovative ideas.

Upwork projects that 73% of companies will be using distributed teams by 2028.


Productivity Enhancements

You'll have more professionals to pick from if you have access to a global talent pool, and providing your development team with expertise will undoubtedly improve overall productivity.

Furthermore, according to Stanford University research, employees who work from a distance are as efficient as or more efficient than those who work on-site. This is because remote employees use fewer sick days and take shorter breaks, they have a lower attrition rate and work more hours per year.


A Larger Audience Reach

Hiring employees from all around the world improves the efficiency of your company. An organization can intentionally enhance its daily working hours and have at least one team ready at all times by having personnel in multiple time zones.

This works especially well if your coder works in a different timezone as your tester.
The coding and testing process thus runs simultaneously in parallel sprints. Works wonders if you’re working on stacks that have a Hot reload feature in development.


Employee Retention & Satisfaction

Many employees prefer flexible working hours and a lack of on-site commitment. Most successful businesses nowadays allow their employees to work from home. Your organization can start focusing on the results and efficacy of each worker instead of their geographical location during work hours with remote development teams.

According to PGI research, 82 percent of remote workers experience far less stress than their office counterparts, resulting in higher retention and productivity.


Reduction in Office Requirements

In a traditional office, a larger team requires more space. Everyone requires a cubicle or office, computer hardware/software, access to restrooms, and many other facilities. Your location requires sufficient parking, climate control, and IT infrastructure.

These requirements are significantly reduced while working in a distributed team. What used to take up a whole level of an office building, may now only require a couple of rooms and a properly distributed workforce. Many modern enterprises employ dozens of people and operate from a two-bedroom flat.


Support Cloud Applications & Save Money on IT

IT expenditures are decreasing as cloud services and software become more common. You're no longer required to keep your team's infrastructure on-premises.

A managed service provider (MSP) can help your organization with hardware, while cloud services can help with everything from storage to accounting and development environments. Thus, running a distributed team is often less expensive than running an exclusively on-premises staff.


Tips for Distributed Team to Enhance Collaboration & Productivity

A distributed team model can run the whole team as a basic knowledge of management skills is a must to build a strong task management system. Consider the following to get started:

●Maintain a flexible working hours schedule.
●Using an agile strategy to team collaboration.
●Setting up virtual social hours to encourage team meetings for discussing projects, giving feedback, and celebrating even small milestones.
●Select a system with multiple workflow alternatives to enable distributed team’s working style.
●Allow calendar integration & enable team/client/manager to view the project progress with the timeline.
●Integrate a system with Dropbox, Zapier, or Harvest, among other app integration tools.


To Wrap Up

Distributed teams are now considered the 'future of work'.

If businesses are to thrive in these uncertain times, they would have to think outside the box and move away from the old method of working.

If you want to develop a flexible team for your company, you should consider hiring a distributed team.

Finding the appropriate people and tools is key to building a distributed team while managing the team necessitates efficient processes and positive team collaboration. The aforementioned ways demonstrate how a distributed team can help you meet your software project deadlines and build a productive work environment.




Author Details:

Anup Mehrotra is the Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Partnerships for Netsmartz and Envision e-Commerce. His expertise in building strategic partnerships, software product/service marketing, and demand/lead generation is focused on helping budding entrepreneurs build quality products fast. In his leisure time, he likes to read and write about software development and marketing.

5 Freelancing platforms where you can do remote programming jobs

July 06, 2021

Many companies are hiring for remote programming jobs. Remote jobs are flexible and you can easily schedule them. There are bundles of sites available across the world where you can access the jobs of every field. But you may get confused about which platform you chose. So, here you will find few sites which help you to find remote programming jobs.

1. Toptal
2. Turing
3. Hired
4. Upwork
5. Fiverr

5 Freelancing platforms where you can do remote programming jobs

There are many freelancing marketplaces where you can catch your ideal or dream remote programming jobs. For this purpose what you need to do is obvious. Go and start to learn a programming skill is the first step.

When you are clear about your skillset then explore the freelancing site of your interest. Finding the most relevant remote jobs from diverse freelancing sites is not an easy task. Moreover, you may feel annoying and in need of the help of someone to find remote programming jobs.

So, I am here with the solution to this problem as well as it will save you precious time. The freelancing sites given below will definitely help you to avail the best remote jobs.




1. Toptal
Toptal is a well-optimized site to find remote programming jobs including web developer jobs and software developer jobs. The beautiful thing about this site is that you will be accessed by the experts before assigning work. You have to give a general test.

2. Turing
If you want long-term remote programming jobs, Turing is the best choice. Maybe it is the way forward for you. Turing is also a freelancing platform to find contract-based jobs.

The ranking of freelancers depends on the test taken by Turing. Their policy is clear about rejection and acceptance of freelancers based on performance as programmers.

3. Hired
Hired provides opportunities to freelancers to work with local clients. So, you can work with local companies in your area. Hired gives the option to the company by connecting the freelancer direct with the employer.

They are also giving the choice of remote jobs to the job seeker.

4. Upwork
Upwork is a huge marketplace with diversity in services. Up work allow to their user to come with their talent and offer remote programming jobs of every kind. However, to explore it you need to sign up and easily find the project of your concern.

You see lots of competition but where there is a will, there is the way.

5. Fiverr
As a newbie in the freelancing world, I will suggest you make a start on Fiverr. This is a great platform to initiate remote work.

Fiverr provide too many options to showcase your service and skill of programming in the video as well as picture form. But Fiverr charge a 20% commission on each payment you receive.

How to search remote programming jobs

June 24, 2021

The search for remote programming jobs is timing consuming process. You should have knowledge of different remote jobs platform. Particularly those which are offering programming jobs. You can do a remote job full time and part-time totally up to you. But to get a remote job you have to prepare a skill set to showcase your qualities. Here we describe generally that helps you a lot.

1. Full-time remote programming jobs
2. Part-time remote programming jobs
3. Freelance programming jobs

How to search remote programming jobs
The trend of remote programming jobs is occupied with its charm and excel. If you have some interest, you are in right place to acknowledge yourself with possible computer remote programming jobs. Information technology is the basic platform for programmers to work in general scenes. The nature of jobs for programmers could be in the development of the particular application, either computer database work or technical task of web development in a java programming job.

Whenever you are employed in the field of remote programming jobs the usage of HTML and software development may be a chore piece of work.



You can categorize remote programming jobs in the shape of your time management. Like this could be manage
• Full-time remote programming jobs
• Part-time remote programming jobs
• Freelance programming jobs

Furthermore, the potential of teamwork in you would like to make your work with a master, inspires you to hold remote programming job full time. Such employment kept the benefit of paid holidays more with primary medical care.

Additionally, the comfort zone as a freelance comes across you because it gives you, your way to plan, settle your charges. But be sure about one thing that you have to keep an eye on your remote programming job because success responsible is your own shoulders and you will like to have a master. In this case, you would wish to initiate and progress in your business. This can best lift up through different websites like Upwork and fiver.

The remote programming jobs owner often seeking for soft skilled boot campers to communicate online for project’s profile and follow your learning, afterward boot camp. More often chances are that you are interviewed and apply through the remote programming jobs need your resume, Linkedin profile, and your portfolio to know about your personality.

The better way for you is to show all your projects as possible in your portfolio and experience. Besides that, you can show up done tasks in summarizing way so, how some of your experience and potential can be transferred into the remote programming jobs.

Yes! You can tell a short story about your love for coding and how you select it for your career, in the future what is best you are seeking for.

Where the opportunity lies, is the most challenging point that may hinder your way of success.

But you don’t need to put more stress. Just explore some given sites, to get remote programming jobs.

• Remotive
• RemoteOk

What are the highest paying remote programming jobs in Canada?

June 19, 2021

Getting a handsome salary is wish of everyone but for this you need to polish your skills. To polish your skills, you should do maximum practice that you can. Mostly programming jobs pay you well but here we talked about the programming jobs in Canada. Therefore, we are elucidating you few programming jobs of high package.

1. Software Developer jobs
2. Senior Software Developer jobs
3. Junior Software Developer jobs
4. Full Stack Developer jobs

What are the highest paying remote programming jobs in Canada?

Day by day remote programming jobs and other tech jobs are becoming outmatch in the world. However, you will notice that remote programming jobs in Canada have a great contribution to enlarge and drive the economy.
Although, remote jobs are inserting root in our lives and people slide towards the digital world.

Companies are working on programming along with the other technology, inventing the new world with continuous growth and providing a high amount to remote programmers or employees.

So, look for the highest paying jobs in Canada. Multiple companies are hiring for remote jobs and offering a handsome amount for all the programming jobs.
If you are a knack for programming job experience, you can clutch programming jobs in big cities of Canada.



Here are few highly paid remote programming jobs in Canada. 

Software developer jobs:

It would not leave you open-mouthed that the demand for software developer jobs has been built high before. Covid-19 pandemic encourages people to enhance their e-commerce competencies. 

The remote programming job and coding are also demanding in the market.

Senior Software Developer jobs:

As a senior software developer, you can work to develop apps for organizations, companies, or health care institutes and facilitate them by planning the supportive system as bread and butter. You can earn 90,000 to 130,000 dollars per year.

Junior Software Developer jobs:

Working in an agile system for the formulation of crucial items for clients and assist the company to bring up. You will not be alone in this journey and a whole developer’s team and product manager are with you in this amazing life cycle.
Junior software developers earn a handsome salary for these tasks.

Full Stack Developer jobs:

In Canada, you will find an urge of full stack developer with front end and back end professional connoisseur is skyscraping. The digital world is providing them full-time and part-time programming job opportunities.

Multiple companies hiring and offering eye-catching packages designed to fulfill your necessities of life at every stage of your career.

There are many other highly paid remote programming jobs in Canada including java software developer, junior python automation developer, and back-end engineers, etc.

Therefore, wrap-up jobs hunting with wealthy experience and technical talent is the basic requirement of remote programming jobs. So, Diversify your potential skill sets and come up with passion will unlock innovation and excellence. Moreover, encourage yourself to apply for all the above positions with full enthusiasm.

How to get highly paid remote programming jobs

June 19, 2021

Remote jobs are very easy to manage. Therefore we are not bound with any time restriction. If you want to do remote work. You need proper guidance step by step. So in this article, we will guide you on how you will hunt the remote jobs that pay you well.

1. Your first approach should be to level up your skills
2. Move out from the crowd
3. Now you can market yourself

How to get highly paid remote programming jobs

Let’s elucidate you about the highly paid remote programming jobs. Firstly, you would have to develop skills because expertise is the first demand. Finding highly skilled and practitioner is hard for companies.

If you have experience of years you may get a remote programming job with heavy pay. Companies would like to take quickly into hands as an employee and want to grow business by hiring you as a remote programmer.

However, a remote job may be outsourced and doesn’t need face time. You are billing yourself as an agency. So, for remote programming jobs that pay well, you should have a strong portfolio that helps you to compete for top-class status.

There are many programmers around the world but which one is the best? It is a bit stylistic question. Only exceptional cases like a programmer with a flock of prized skills want to switch a remote programming job that means he would be a consultant. It would be because of his leverage valuable struggles of years. 

Let’s know about the important point that helps you to catch highly paid remote programming jobs.




Your first approach should be to level up your skills. Try to invest your time as long as you can in learning advanced technologies. JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Python, and many others are hot remote programming jobs right now with all their structure and tools. There is a lot of demand for remote programming jobs in the market.

Move out from the crowd, pay your attention to the development of small apps, sites, program. In this way, you can showcase your creative work and skills as a remote programmer or developer. Invest your best efforts in digital footprints.

At this stage, you will feel that you have built something new like trust, expertise, and reputation. These things indicate your work in the tech world. That has more worth than your university degree.

It takes a lot of your time and energy to hunt highly paid remote programming jobs but is definitely worthwhile. Eventually, having a programming skillset is a positive point to get a highly paid remote programming job.

Now you can market yourself and catch the remote programming job opportunities waiting for you.
So, keep yourself in touch with advanced technology and learn at every step. Your success is on way just need to focus and don’t give way to your efforts. Hope this would be fruitful for you.

Is it hard to get remote programming jobs?

June 18, 2021

Now remote jobs are in demand. Therefore, it is a little hard to get but it is not impossible to get a remote job. We have elucidated few facts that why people are gravitating for remote work. We also share remote sites' names and details. On these sites following the given instruction and prepare an effective proposal to hunt the jobs.

1. FlexJobs
3. Virtual Vacations
4. Europeremotely


Is it hard to get remote programming jobs?

Nowadays it’s harder to get remote programming jobs. As the world is moving towards remote work. So, it raises the competition among the people who are looking for remote jobs. Are you a programmer who wants to get a remote programming job?

In 2021 to find a remote job it sounds like a dream job. Where you can easily schedule programming jobs with your daily routine.
Don’t need to travel and rush to the office. If you are a father. Then you can pliably manage your kids at home and your health problems. 

As the world is suffering from a pandemic of covid-19 and facing more health problems. Therefore, it would be hard to manage jobs at the workplace too. A remote job is a good alternate to perform all official activities at home.

So, here l will share a few steps and a list of website to get remote programming jobs

Before searching and looking for a remote programming job. You should do little interaction with yourself.
Are you talkative and fit for remote work? It means you can interact with people on phone or through video chat.

Can you satisfy the company with your work and abilities using the social chat app? If yes, you can market yourself and grow via remote jobs.





Flexjobs is a huge plate form where millions of people got remote programming jobs. On this site, multiple companies post their vacancies and get hired many people as an employer.
Although, the most interesting thing is flexjobs screens all the jobs before posting.

Verily, another awesome site for you where you can search for remote programming jobs. Here you can grab many opportunities for remote jobs. You can browse jobs as per your requirement.

Virtual Vacations

Virtual Vacations were started by women who were facing a deficit of admissible remote jobs. You will find many remote jobs including remote programming jobs, C++, Java, and PHP experts. Moreover, this site guides their user by giving tips.


Let’s exposed your skills on this site and catch remote jobs from different companies. Here you will see diverse lists of companies hiring contentedly to work from anywhere or work from home employees.
If you are from a European country and want a remote programming job according to European time zones. Then you definitely find it very helpful for you.
So, Remote job seekers either programmers or developers must have invested his/her precious time before getting a fruitful response.