Here you will find highly paid programming jobs. People with expertise in programming are in search of the best option to lavish life with unlimited opportunists. So, you will acknowledge all the skill set required to gain such jobs and how you will work under these categories of computer programming jobs.

1. Developer / programmer analyst jobs
2. Lead application developer jobs
3. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) developer jobs
4. Mobile applications developer

4 Highest paid programming jobs
If you are a future programmer or want to jump to become a programmer. Do you have a question in your mind that what are the highest-paid programming jobs? As a newbie in this field, you will find answers to all questions related to the highest-paid programming jobs.

You are an expert programmer looking for programming jobs of high revenue. I know as a skilled programmer you have to wish to get paid well. So, I am here sharing top programming jobs that pay you well.

The market is also striving to hire well-skilled professionals for programmer jobs.




1. Developer/programmer analyst jobs
The key role of programmer analyst for a company is to analyze business application need to run many functional areas of a company such as human resource, marketing, and manufacturing area.

You will work like computer coding jobs such as write code, debug and test the applications. Suggest the system changes to improve performance as well as introduce and instruct the new user.

The expected package for this post is $108,500.

2. Lead application developer jobs
Lead application developer jobs required leadership and mentorship to lead a team.

In this type of programming job, you will hire the developer and software architect as well as plan the product delivery.

You need skills such as communication and coaching are critically play important role in computer programming jobs as a lead developer.

The expected salary for this position is $128,750.

3. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) developer jobs
Basically, ERP developers are dealing with the implementation and customization of ERP packages of companies. They may get a salary package up to $118,000. They must be efficient in Java or C# and specialization in tools of ERP system
Although these are programming jobs therefore you should have an understanding of SQL and databases. In addition, the expertise of enterprise integration technologies is also required for programmer jobs of this specialty.

4. Mobile applications developer
You will develop the mobile application. Debugging along with the testing of code and documentation are key duties of mobile application developers.

Moreover, programming jobs holder for this position you must be able to develop user interface design, java for android, and graphic designing.

The most offered salary of mobile application developers is $147,500.

There are few more jobs on which you may pay well such as application architect jobs, cloud computing analyst jobs, and business system analyst’s jobs.